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I was one of the first international students accepted into North Cedar Academy. I appreciate the professors and teachers and I love the environment here. The teachers took great care of us and they never gave up on teaching, which encouraged us to insist on studying. I like the math teacher best and even now I’m still missing him. He is a fun guy and he never scolds anybody who cannot even do plus and minus. His good personality makes us friends and we always solved mathematics problems together. I really enjoyed his jokes and his laughter. The environment at NCA is one thing that I’ve never seen in my life. The peaceful atmosphere allowed us to easily concentrate on our tasks but also to have lots of activities. I love this place and I write these comments reminiscently. NCA has given me a precious memory.

Yi “Yim”

NCA Note: Yim is a very talented student that loves challenges and sets his standards high. He won our annual PI Day contest by memorizing the first 520 digits after the decimal point! After graduating from NCA in 2016, he was accepted to Ohio State University Business School. Yim graduated from OSU in 2019 and is now completing his Master’s in Quantitative Finance at Fordham Gabelli School of Business. Congratulations, Yim!

I am Yuzhi, a graduate from NCA. Here are some sparkling facts that I would like to share about this school. Our school has a strong faculty. We have plenty of AP courses going on in our school. We can make friends from all over the world since it is an international school. I love the peaceful environment of our school.

Our dorm is spacious and comfortable. The RAs are very responsible and they can be our best friends! Last but not least, I love the after-school activities of NCA, we can go skiing in the winter, and we have a very nice band in our school, you can learn to play drums, piano, guitar, bass, etc. I love NCA! It is definitely worth coming here to spend your high school life.

Yuzhi “Constance”

NCA Note: Constance is an excellent student and accomplished musician.  After graduating from NCA in 2016, she was accepted at the University of California-Santa Cruz.  Congratulations, Constance!

North Cedar Academy

Personally, I find most of the classes to be challenging and even though they have been difficult, all of my teachers in every subject have been there to help me. Going through these difficult classes not only helped me grow academically, but as a young adult. Every Tuesday and Thursday the teachers stay after school and provide extra help for students who need it and are willing to learn. Not only that, but the teachers, no matter what their schedule is, always find a way to fit students in for a little more help.

I’m in 9th grade now and by the time I graduate, I might be able to have my associate’s degree already under my belt, and that saves a lot of money and stress for the future. I’ve talked to some of the students who currently go there, and they say that it’s fun and the courses they take at UW are interesting.


North Cedar Academy is a great international school that helps students from worldwide to prepare for college studying. This school provides an opportunity to actually study in a college. It’s not only preparing, but also you can finish college faster and easier. All the teachers and staff here are very professional and passionate. They are willing to help students and give students advice at any time. Residential life in NCA is an unforgettable experience, RAs are all patient and treat you like your parents would.

Xuhang “Jack

NCA Note: After graduation, Jack was accepted at Washington College. Congratulations, Jack!

Attending at North Cedar Academy has benefited me in numerous ways, for instance, it allowed me to study in an accepting environment, with the best teachers accredited for AP classes, with faculty members that are like family, and with fantastic food!
Bonny (Dean of Students) makes sure I have the best environment to study and am not distracted with anything. The teachers go way out and describe the topic broadly. Even though it’s not their job, they provide me with information about college and make sure I have a good understanding.


I want to say something about my school that is called “NCA”. This year was my first year studying in NCA, and NCA gave me lots of opportunity to improve my knowledge. One thing that I really like about this school is that they never let you give up, and I am very happy next year I will join NCA again.