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The Ladysmith Community

Cultural arts, music, and dance concerts are offered year-around in the Ladysmith area. Nearly every weekend features a local fair or celebration. Ladysmith’s Northland Mardi Gras is a popular feature in July with the unique and spectacular Venetian night parade on the Flambeau River.


NCA sits at the edge of the City of Ladysmith in Rusk County, WI, and is conveniently located less than a mile from the Marshfield Clinic / Emergency Room. Rusk County is a beautiful, rural county which boasts one of the lowest crime rates in Wisconsin, as well as the nation.

The safety of the students and staff at NCA is of utmost concern. Regardless of the low crime rates in the area, we adhere to strict policies regarding student activities, dorm admittance and outside visitors.

Wisconsin Northwoods

Since the time of the great forests, when Rusk County was just starting to grow, this area has been one of the most beautiful areas in the state. With the coming of the lumber barons many small communities grew and then died when the logging industry dwindled.

Ladysmith and Rusk County survived, and the beauty of the “olden days” is still here.