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2 Mar 2022

A Night to Shine: NCA Students Share their Talents

Standing alone on a stage, with the eyes of all your classmates and dorm parents focused on you, is usually a cause for anxiety or fear, but not at NCA.  Here it is all about sharing your passions.  Whether singing, playing an instrument, or dancing, NCA students make sure their fellow classmates feel confident, admired, and respected when on that stage.  Applause and whistles fill the Worden Avenue Exchange, a very classy yet artsy venue in Ladysmith where we hold our special events off campus. 

Pauline shares her newly acquired ukulele skills and her beautiful voice, Dolly surprises everyone with her incredible dance moves, Thank You and Than collaborate on a duet in both Thai & English followed by a beautiful song by Thank You as he accompanies himself on guitar, Ambra and Azzurra dazzle us with their songs, some in Italian, and Haru’s rich voice carries over us.

After each performance, the room is filled with so much support and love and pride.  It is easy to understand why our students feel so connected to each other and to NCA – we are a family and we give each other the love and support that is needed, unconditionally.