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Student Packing List

What to bring to NCA?

Packing can be a challenge, so we have a suggested list of items. Make sure you plan carefully. It is a good idea to make a list and revise it several times. Keep a copy of the list on you as you travel because you may be asked about your items at the port of entry. If you forget something, don’t worry because you can buy almost anything in the U.S. and in an emergency your family can mail you necessary items. Keep in mind, however, that shipping can be expensive and take weeks to arrive.

Clothing Needs:

  • Clothes should be neat, clean, and in good taste and repair. Shoes are required to be worn at all times at school and should be appropriate for weather conditions/seasons and activities. Clothes should be the proper size and should cover cleavage, midriffs, and backs. Clothes can not have any graphics or sayings that are derogatory, non tolerant of others, or promote alcohol or drug use.
  • Dress slacks or nice dress for semiformal occasions or ceremonies or special occasions
  • Sports clothing
  • Personal garments
  • Swim suit is an option

Room Needs:

  • Student Rooms in each dormitory are furnished with regular twin beds, desks, desk chairs, dressers, and window shades. Each room also contains closet space and a mirror.
  • Appropriate bed items: regular twin sheets, blanket(s), pillow(s), comforter or bed covering, waterproof mattress cover will be provided.

The following is a list of items will make you more comfortable in your room:

  • a towel, washcloth, robe and personal toiletries
  • alarm clock, fan(s), cell phone and battery charger, multiple outlet safety strip, flashlight with batteries
  • Posters and decorations for walls, tacky tape, small medical kit, water bottle and mug
  • Many of these items can be purchased in Ladysmith if the students finds them necessary

School Supplies:

  • Calculator
  • Good dual language dictionary
  • Desk supplies to begin the year (paper clips, stapler, tape, highlighters, scissors, rulers, pens and pencils)
  • Notebooks, binders, journals may be purchased, in Ladysmith, once each student learns of individual class requirements.
  • Laptop computer if the student so desires. Each student receives an iPad upon arrival at NCA, and there are computers available both at the school and the residence hall.


  • A spare pair of glasses or contact lenses if you use them and a copy of your prescription
  • Athletic, dance or supplies as needed
  • Raincoat, winter coat, hat, gloves, and boots, umbrella
  • Flashlight and batteries
  • Electric adapter (international students)
  • Camera and battery charger
  • Medications if you are taking any
  • Spending money, approximately $200-300 US dollars a month
  • Passport, visa, I-20 form issued by school (international students)
  • items for sharing about your country i.e., coins, art, clothing, photos (international students) Remember airlines have restrictions on the number of pieces and weight of luggage that you are permitted. Make sure you contact the airline and check the restrictions before you pack.