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Cost of an NCA Education

As a global campus community, North Cedar Academy is committed to attracting talented students from diverse backgrounds and cultures.

Tuition Fees*

Grades 9 and 10:     $45,000 per year, $24,750 for 1 semester
Grades 11 and 12:   $49,800 per year, $27,390 for 1 semester
Application Fee:       $50

ESL Fees:

ESL I:       $4,200 per year, $2,520 for 1 semester
ESL II:      $3,500 per year, $2,100 for 1 semester
ESL III:     $1,500 per year, $900    for 1 semester

*This cost includes boarding, and covers all books, materials, lab fees, participation fees, class dues, and equipment rentals. Boarding covers all meals (breakfast, lunch, and dinner) seven days a week and meal expenses for the many scheduled activities and field trips.


Tuition Deposit:     20% of Tuition Due *
Expense Deposit:  $2,000 **

*  The Tuition Deposit is fully refundable if a student completes the visa application process as directed by North Cedar Academy, but fails to secure a visa after 2 attempts.

** The Expense Deposit funds a student account from which withdrawals can be made for personal expenses, testing, optional field trips, activities, transportation, etc.  Additional funds can be added to the student account through the year.


Scholarships are available for qualified students. Amounts vary and are based on the strength of individual applications. Contact us for more information.

Wisconsin parents can receive a $10,000 Tax Credit for private school tuition.

2014 I-094 Schedule PS, Private School TuitionDownload the tax form here.