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Teen Leadership Academy

Teen Leadership Academy
9 Apr 2018

Teen Leadership Academy

Students from North Cedar Academy participated in the Teen Leadership Academy this week. The academy is organized and facilitated by the Indianhead Community Action Agency with a goal to provide leadership training to local area high school students who have potential to become strong leaders in their schools and communities. The goal of the academy is not only to develop leadership skills but also for each group of students to identify a concern or need within their school, develop an action plan, then implement it in their school over the course of the year.

The group of 30 students from Ladysmith, Flambeau, and Bruce all choose a specific project based on their own school’s needs. Students from North Cedar Academy have chosen to develop a peer tutoring program that will match students who will offer help in a variety of subject areas to other students who may be struggling and would rather meet with a peer than a teacher. Peers can explain something in a different way that helps a student understand a concept better. Students have time to meet with teachers every day after school, so this program is to supplement this effort to help students succeed. Peer tutors had to complete an application form and have the support of their teachers before offering to tutor. They are then matched with a student who has been identified as needing extra help. Students can work together after school, in the evenings during study hall and on the weekends. They also will receive community service hours for their work.

At one of the Teen Leadership Academy meetings students from North Cedar Academy hosted a lunch for the other participants and leaders. We had Pho (soup) from Vietnam with Tai, German potato salad from Feli (Germany), New York style cheesecake from Ramsey (Brooklyn, NY), chicken kebabs from Lima (Afghanistan), cucumber and tomato salad from Kaihan and Tommy (Afghanistan & Azerbaijan), and Tilbes Fir Fir (a spicy beef dish with Injera bread) from Jerry (Ethiopia). Gabrielle from Chippewa Falls also helped with the kebabs. All the students cooked their food from scratch and spent their snow day in the kitchen. Everyone was so appreciative of the great food and learning about other cultures. Our students add a special element to the Teen Leadership Academy meetings with their openness to share their culture and traditions in discussions with the local students. We are incredibly proud of their efforts to share with others, as well as, their ability to share their culture with the group.

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