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Cost of an NCA Education

As a global campus community, North Cedar Academy is committed to attracting talented students from diverse backgrounds and cultures.

Tuition, Room & Board*

Grades 9 & 10 Tuition: $31,300 per year
Grades 9 & 10 Room & Board: $19,200 per year
Total Cost for Boarding Students: $50,500 per year

Grades 11 & 12 Tuition: $35,600 per year
Grades 11 & 12 Room & Board: $19,200 per year
Total Cost for Boarding Students: $54,800 per year


Online Application Fee (SSAT): $50
PDF Application Fee: $100

UWBC Transportation Fee: $1,000 per year (charged only to students who participate in the UW/NCA Early Pathway Program at UWBC)
Textbook Fee: $250 per year (charged to all students)
Piano Fee: $40 per semester (charged only to piano students)
Health Services Fee: $200 per year (charged only to boarding students)
Graduation Fee: $150 (charged only to students in grade 12)
Technology Fee: $150 per year (charged to all students)

International Student Insurance: No more than $1,000 per year. We are working with insurance companies to get the lowest rate possible for this program. This is not an NCA fee, but a health insurance program we require for international students, offered by a highly regarded insurance company.

ESL Fees:

ESL I:       $4,200 per year, $2,520 for 1 semester
ESL II:      $3,500 per year, $2,100 for 1 semester
ESL III:     $1,500 per year, $900    for 1 semester

*This cost includes boarding, materials and lab fees, participation fees, class dues, and equipment rentals. Boarding covers all meals (breakfast, lunch, and dinner) seven days a week and meal expenses for the many scheduled activities and field trips.


Tuition Deposit:     20% of Tuition Due*
Expense Deposit:  $2,000**

*The Tuition Deposit is fully refundable if a student completes the visa application process as directed by North Cedar Academy, but fails to secure a visa after 2 attempts.

**The Expense Deposit funds a student account from which withdrawals can be made for personal expenses, testing, optional field trips, activities, transportation, etc. Additional funds can be added to the student account through the year.

Affording NCA

All financial aid applications are processed through School & Student Services (SSS). Please find all the information you need to apply here:

SSS Financial Assistance Application Instructions

When our admission officers meet with students, we often say that “the student’s job” in the admission process is to decide if NCA is the right match for their interests and needs and to come to a thoughtful decision about attending NCA. That decision is best made in discussions with family, our admission office, and any others who help you when you are making potentially life changing decisions. Our job, as admission officers, is to make the admission process as clear and easily accessible to you as possible, and to work with your family to make NCA an affordable school choice. We take our commitment to affordability very seriously and we are pleased that many in the independent school community speak of NCA as “The Best Value in American Independent Schools.” Our Board mandates that we keep tuition as low as possible (our tuition is in the lower 20% of all independent boarding schools) and that we make merit and need-based financial aid available to all applicants. While our funds for financial aid are limited, our program is generous and we encourage you to not allow cost to be the sole reason you would not choose NCA. We want to help make NCA affordable, and we find that more often than not, we are able to do so.

Financial Assistance at North Cedar Academy takes the form of scholarships, typically merit-based, and financial assistance that is based on demonstrated financial need. Students are often awarded a combination of a merit scholarship and need-based financial assistance. NCA also occasionally offers scholarships to students in certain areas of the US or the world in which we seek to grow our enrollment. These scholarships are offered based on the student’s geographic location, and often carry some merit-based requirements. You should always ask the NCA admission officer you meet with if any scholarships are available to students from your area. However, the vast majority of our scholarship and financial aid funds are devoted to either merit-based or need-based scholarships and financial aid without regard to your location.

Merit Scholarships are offered after merit has been evaluated by the financial aid and admission committees, typically through review of transcripts, completion of the admission interview, outstanding teacher recommendations, and after careful review of the student essay submitted with the admission application. Students who receive merit scholarships are presented with finite benchmarks that must be met to earn or continue to earn a merit scholarship. These may include earning a certain GPA in all or selected fields of study, behavioral standards, participation in certain activities, or taking advantage of certain opportunities like leadership in a student organization.

Need-based financial assistance is offered based upon the recommendation arrived at by submission of the financial aid application found on the NCA web site. Financial need is determined using the guidelines of SSS (www.solutionsbysss.com), at use in many of the nation’s finest independent schools.

Need based-financial assistance carries an element of merit as well. Thus, we often use the term “need-sensitive” financial aid to describe the program as the grant is “sensitive” to financial need, but carries an element of merit as well. Students receiving need-sensitive financial aid are essentially asked to “make the best use possible of the resources available to them at NCA.” Thus, we expect students who wish to earn or continue to receive need-sensitive financial assistance to make an outstanding effort in their classes, even if their GPA is not as high as we or you might wish. Students are also expected to maintain an outstanding attendance and disciplinary record. Students receiving financial assistance of any kind should expect that assistance to be discontinued should the student be found in violation of any of our “Major School Rules.” Our Student Services office can provide you a link to our Major School Rules in the NCA Student Handbook.

Financial Assistance is offered to students from all nations, and international students are asked to provide financial information to assist us in evaluating financial need.

Wisconsin students attend tuition, room & board free. International students may apply for merit or need-based financial aid to be applied toward tuition, room, and board.

All financial aid awards, whether merit or need-based, are made after our admission decision has been rendered. And while it is expected that financial assistance will continue throughout a student’s time at NCA, awards are made for one year only and a new financial aid application must be completed each year.

NCA pays university tuition for our students who attend the Blugold Guaranteed Transfer Program at the University of Wisconsin – Eau Claire: Barron County Campus. The tuition charged by UWEC-BC is often, but not always, fully funded by a student’s financial aid award.

Financial aid is allocated as part of the enrollment agreement and displayed clearly on the enrollment agreement.

Questions related to merit scholarships or financial assistance should be directed to the NCA Office of Admission and Financial Aid.

Scholarship and Financial Aid Quick Facts:

  • Over 70% of NCA students receive either merit or need-based financial assistance.
  • Over $1,500,000 (USD) in financial assistance was offered to students in 2018-19.
  • The average financial assistance offer for 2019-20 was over $20,000 (USD).
  • Financial Aid is available on a rolling basis by date of application. We encourage you to apply early for financial assistance, but it is not unusual to have financial assistance funds available as late as August of each school year.
  • Financial Aid or Scholarships usually cover the full cost of attending UWEC-BC as part of the NCA/UWEC Blugold Guaranteed Transfer Program.